Y Scouts Connects Jennie to Work That Matters at Primally Pure

Some people get jobs. You know, that place they go from 9-5; usually, something they are decent at, and often sucks the life out of them. Sound familiar? Probably because we’ve all been there. At a job. 

Others, however, spend that time at a place they love. They are doing something that not only plays to their strengths but their passions, too. They are in a dream-team environment working on, and believing in, the product and vision.

I’m fortunate to feel like this about the work I do at Y Scouts because we are on a mission to connect purpose-driven leaders to work that matters. So what does passion in your work look like? Jennie Hughes, the Director of Marketing at Primally Pure, breaks down the alignment with her work the impact she gets to drive every day. 

We know that Primally Pure is changing the way we think about natural skincare by offering incredible, safe products that work. We know that you’re their Director of Marketing. Tell us something awesome that we don’t know about them as a company and your role there.

One thing that I believe is rare, especially for companies growing so quickly, is the desire to scale the business thoughtfully. Bethany and her co-CEO, Tanner, have really made it clear that their intention is to continue to grow, but do so in a way that prioritizes high-quality products and an unbeatable customer service experience. Instead of finding ways to cut corners and compromise on the ingredients, sourcing, processes or level of personal attention that goes into each order, they challenge the team to go above and beyond and truly put the consumer first. Everyone who has a hand in this, which is truly 100% of the company, has a genuine desire to bring this vision to life.

My role has really been to create structure and guidance on how to best do that. I look for ways to implement processes, not for the sake of process, but for a way to add value and clarity that enables the team to do what they do best. I share my thoughts on the bigger picture and how we deliver the most impactful, relevant experience to our consumers. For example, we’re working on creating new content that really shows the handcrafted process from beginning to end, providing education on the ingredients, why we’ve chosen them and what they can do for consumers, along with all the care and detail that go into each step.

How did the uniqueness of our Y Scouts process help connect such a harmonious synergy of you and the role?

Honestly, from the beginning – chatting with you guys, the questions you asked, the backend work of organizing what Primally Pure was looking for in this role – was unlike any other process I’ve gone through. It helped me see – if this company hires this type of recruiting agency, then I like the way they think! It helped me as a candidate to organize the process and structure, which gave me more confidence as I was moving forward with interviewing. Then you put me in front of this incredible brand and I knew it was such a perfect fit. Having you as the middle-man player was great. I could tell you genuinely cared and loved what you do.

How long ago did you find your passion for natural beauty? What sparked the change in the products you were using? 

My progression into natural started about 6 years ago – beginning with food, then household cleaning products, then natural deodorant was my first step into cleaner skincare a couple of years ago. (I’ve been trying different ones with no success until Primally, to be honest.) I started looking for fewer, more recognizable ingredients on labels, but with skincare products, there were always a couple that I wasn’t super clear on and I just assumed that would always be the case. Perhaps that was the only way it could work well. But when I started here, I realized it was possible to have truly clean ingredients in a product that was still incredibly effective. This role kicked my awareness and desire to learn more into high gear, raising the bar for what I’ll choose to put on my body. Working at Primally Pure has evolved my journey for sure.

How does it feel working in an environment where everyone around you is just as passionate about making impactful change in the world? 

It’s so refreshing! I’ve had different experiences where I’m outnumbered in the organization. “Hey – that’s the culture girl, let’s put her in charge of the committee!” Even though I’ve always been passionate about finding ways to make a difference and working with others who felt the same, it generally still felt as though I was going against the grain, and that took a lot of extra energy. Now here, everyone shares such a genuine desire to move in that direction and express appreciation for what I can bring to the table. It’s so natural and ideas are so well received – it makes me feel lighter every day. I’m so excited to be creative and take things to the next level with this group. It’s a positive and affirming kind of experience.

How have core values been demonstrated at Primally Pure? What impact has that had on your ability to help fulfill the organization’s mission? 

A lot of this stems from Bethany (Founder & CEO) and the team she’s chosen – her passion for what we do is so contagious and as a result, the people here are dedicated to supporting that vision. As the organization grows and we bring in new and diverse personalities, it’s been really cool to see values such as honesty, openness, and a drive for improvement be exemplified in so much of the team. What remains consistent with everyone I’ve gotten to know, is the desire to remain like a close family. Everyone is craving that connection and wants to protect the special energy that ties us all together. Each month, we celebrate those who have a birthday by going around the room and saying one word that represents that person. Watching this take place, the thoughtfulness in lifting each other up is so inspiring.

Every leader wants a great culture. But sometimes with priorities, it’s hard to figure out how to make those softer things a priority. At Primally Pure, it’s so opposite. Bethany and Tanner have done a great job creating a profitable business – but it’s not everything, and they take the company so much deeper. Leadership that prioritizes culture trickles down. I feel safe and trusted to do the right thing – it’s a great feeling.

Because this is the culture here, it truly makes my ability to carry out our mission to change how we think about skincare, elevating natural ingredients as a safer, effective and natural choice, so much easier. It’s about so much more than just great products – the people behind this brand care so deeply about making a positive impact on the world and that aligns so much with what I’ve wanted to do in my career. Strategizing the best marketing plan within this framework is a dream. I feel like I’ve struck gold and now it’s the fun part – telling the world about the specialness behind the Primally Pure brand. When you’re doing meaningful work with people who share that passion, it feels like everything just falls together so perfectly.

We are so thrilled to connect leaders like you to their dream jobs. If you could describe the Y Scouts process as a candidate in three words, what would they be? 

Ooo! Three words:

  1. Genuine. There’s no ego. 
  2. Transparent.
  3. Organized. You were incredibly thoughtful and effective in putting the right structure in place. I was never confused and never felt like I didn’t know what was going on – ever.