Brian Mohr Great Work Insights Podcast

Brian Mohr was recently interviewed on the O.C. Tanner Great Work Insights Podcast about creating business with a higher purpose.

Here’s a recap of what you will learn, provided courtesy of O.C. Tanner.

3:07 – What Conscious Capitalism is and how Mohr became involved.
3:51 – Conscious Capitalism strives to “elevate humanity through business.”
5:12 – Why do businesses struggle with the word “conscious?”
7:10 – Important to recognize the impact business has with employees, customers, suppliers, community and not just the investors or shareholders.
8:09 – How Conscious Capitalism can influence/impact the greater American audience.
9:22 – Four principles include: businesses having a higher purpose, business having an ecosystem, leadership looking for ways to improve leadership and creating a conscious culture.
10:30 – How to join the Conscious Capitalism movement.
12:25 – How business leaders react to Conscious Capitalism seminars.
14:06 – Organizations that are guided by a higher purpose and are run through a deep love and care of their people and stakeholders end up making more money—it’s an irrefutable point and that’s what people are clamoring for.
15:08 – Where you can find Conscious Capitalism conferences, events and your local chapter.

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