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Adam DiBiase

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Continuous, relentless learning drives me. I’m passionate about synthesizing, connecting different pieces of information into a bigger picture. Every organization and person has a story, and it’s my role to help discover that story. I believe we all have a purpose to fulfill, and that living a life deeply connected to that purpose brings more real satisfaction than money, power, or fame ever could.

After spending over seven years with Valley of the Sun United Way in a fundraising capacity, I realized that while my belief in the great work we did for the community never changed, I knew there was something missing in my life. I found Y Scouts, and was deeply moved by the belief in connecting people and organizations based on shared purpose.

In my role here as Search Director, I’m able to deeply learn about our clients beginning with a focus on their purpose, culture and values and help them to identify what capabilities and expertise they’re truly looking for to join their leadership teams. I also partner with our team to find and engage the right Exceptional Leaders who will deliver significant value to our clients. I am motivated to search far and wide to discover the needle in a haystack – the right leader who can make a huge difference for years to come.

A little more about Adam:

  • Husband to Katie and father to Luke and Hannah
  • Speaker at SourceCon Dallas 2015 on sourcing for cultural alignment
  • Avid sports fan, especially any team connected to the Phoenix area
  • Lifelong student of politics who wrote a Master’s thesis on negative advertising
  • Member of Palm Valley Church in Goodyear