3 Key Behaviors Of A True Leader

behaviors of a true leader

This is a post from Y Scouts CEO and co-founder, Max Hansen.

When we consider leadership characteristics at Y Scouts, the best way to consider it is using our leadership model as a framework. Our leadership model consists of three elevated behaviors.

Those three elevated behaviors are relentless learning, driving results, and developing other people. We use that framework for simplicity but it is also very comprehensive when evaluating a leader. So when we evaluate leaders, when it comes to being a relentless learner, on the second or third interview we will ask, “What new things have you learned about us or our industry since we first started talking with you?” Their answer to that question will tell you everything about the initiative that they’ll take and whether or not they’re a relentless learner.

The second one is developing people. That one gets a little tricky as well, but when you ask peers, the people that have reported to this person and people that this person has reported to, how they’ve consistently developed people through their careers where they’re currently at, you’ll find your answer of whether or not somebody has actually developed people. And it will be a consistent pattern.

The last one is driving results, which is a little bit more cut and dry. Driving results is directly related to the results somebody has driven in a company, previous in their career and maybe currently where they’re at. I think what’s interesting about driving results in great leaders is asking about where a company is at after a leader leaves, that’s the true tale of whether somebody has really driven results.

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