The old executive recruiting model is broken and out of touch with where business is going. Modern day ambitious and proven leaders don’t want their heads to be hunted and recycled within an industry. They seek ways to express their life in meaningful work and true purpose, the two in deep alignment. Executive search is really exchanging bodies from competitor to competitor without concern for company’s impact over the long term.

Chasing Profit Alone Won’t Work

The word executive itself conjures up thoughts of corner office politics and high comp. In fact, what the world needs is more leaders, not execs. Today’s leading brands are the ones that honor purpose and profit, over just profit alone. Millennials will soon make up half the leaders inside organizations.

Y Scouts is building a future where growing companies find game changers who are purpose-based just like them—not upper management that job hops every 18 months. We provide the advice, data and connections they need to make a big difference at the most important points to accelerate progress.