Why Do People Work At Uber in Phoenix?

As part of the official Y Scouts kick off, we are conducting a “What’s Your Why” tour to help promote our belief that the intersection of purpose, passion and work is achievable.

The “What’s Your Why” tour captures “why people work” through photos. Here are some of the “why’s” that drive the people who work in Phoenix at Uber, a company that provides an on-demand car service that allows everyone to have a private driver experience.

Gabe Williams, Community Manager at Uber
“To improve the lives of riders and drivers, one Uber ride at a time.”
Gabe Williams, Community Manager at Uber Phoenix

Blaine Light, Operations and Logistics Manager at Uber
“Helping Clients Feel Like a Trillion Bucks, Every Time. #Boom”
Blaine Light, Operations and Logistics Manager at Uber Phoenix

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