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Why do people work at KEYSER?

Why do people work at KEYSER, a commercial real estate advisory firm in Phoenix, AZ?

KEYSER is a commercial real estate advisory firm that puts their culture first. If you visit the KEYSER website, you’ll see that before “Services” and “Results” comes a tab that says, “The Keyser Culture.” Within that tab you’ll find information on The Team, The Culture, Their Operating Principles, and The Keyser Foundation.

It’s safe to say that from the outside, KEYSER is a very different and unique commercial real estate firm. That’s why Y Scouts went on the inside to get to the bottom of “why” people work at KEYSER. Here’s what we found…

Jonathan Keyser
“To change the world through selfless service.”
Jonathan Keyser, KEYSER

Lindsey Hardison
“Service & Love through powerful, passionate and present living.”
Lindsey Hardison, KEYSER

Ian Davie
“To serve and connect others in the business world.”
Ian Davie, KEYSER

Sheryl Wirken
“Create Greatness!”
Sheryl Wirken, KEYSER

Clint Hardison
“to maximize my net contribute to the world.”
Clint Hardison, KEYSER

Rae Johnson
“To be an asset not a liability.”
Rae Johnson, KEYSER

Blake Hardison
“Truly serve others in real, tangible ways.”
Blake Hardison, KEYSER

Beth Scarano
“Make a difference, create change and be amazing!”
Beth Scarano, KEYSER

Darius Green
“To practice principled business with like-minded colleagues and clients.”
Darius Green, KEYSER

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