Lexi Collins

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Connecting with people has always been where I’ve spent most of my time. I was born here in the Valley and was constantly in trouble as a child socializing in class. I have always enjoyed learning everything and anything about those around me. When it was time to go to college, I chose to receive my bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona. Because of my passion for connecting with others, I fell into a role with an executive search firm. I felt like I had finally found a place that allowed me to use my natural talent of talking (sometimes too much) and I even got paid to do it during college!

After spending a number of years “smiling and dialing” as they say, I felt like I had lost that flame of enjoying connecting with others. I was stuck in the mundane, same old, day-in and day-out, 8-to-5 rut and I knew I needed to get out. I knew there had to be more to the working world than what I was feeling.

Through the universe’s divine timing and happenings, a series of events and wonderful people led me to Y Scouts. Our passion for connecting people to work that matters is something I believe in and something that has been present throughout my own life. In the words of Swami Abhedanada “Where there is purpose, there is happiness”.

When I’m not in the office I can be found playing the ukulele, exploring Arizona’s mountains, mountain biking or taking some rad photos!

A little more about Lexi:

  • She loves to rock out on the ukulele
  • Exploring Arizona’s mountains is one of her favorite activities
  • Has a passion for photography
  • Absolutely adores Llamas – llama figurines, prints and art can be found throughout her house
  • She has been lucky enough to have travelled to every continent except Africa
  • Crazy obsessed with trail mix – can eat a whole Costco-sized bag in one sitting
  • She was once caught by Bono’s security guard for taking a photo of him in an elevator with a flip phone
lexi collins