Leadership Strategy and Consulting

Transforming how people and organizations connect to work that matters.

Talent is a Business Strategy.

An organization’s biggest asset is its people. Leadership teams that focus on how they attract, select, retain and develop talent is the key to creating a competitive advantage in the marketplace that will always return significant dividends.

Y Scouts is uniquely situated to help our clients identify their blind spots via our Talent Strategy Index, and then partners with them to develop programs and systems to address opportunity areas to stay ahead of the curve.

Whether you are looking for a firm to recommend solutions for you to implement, or an organization to teach you how to build and run a programs independently; Y Scouts will satisfy your unique needs and requirements.

Our Model



We believe Learning Crushes Knowing. We dive deep to understand your organization and the type of Leader who will thrive in your culture. We are relentless in our pursuit of identifying the best possible outcome. Hiring the right Leader requires the alignment of purpose, values, expertise, and leadership characteristics to create the greatest impact.



Through our Covert Discovery Process©, we cut through the recruiting noise and cultivate meaningful conversations and relationships with those Leaders who are most often referred to as “A” players or super stars. Simply put, we find those who aren’t looking to be found.



Possessing the right experience is table-stakes. Exceptional Leaders bring the right combination of purpose, values, expertise and leadership characteristics to help your organization reach its goals. Our Exceptional Leadership Model© is the holistic framework you need to achieve the best possible outcome.



You’ve chosen Y Scouts because you need the right Leader to join your team. We are dedicated to transforming how people and organizations connect to work that matters – it’s what we do.

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Purpose Alignment In Action

Purpose-aligned, growth-minded leaders are the ones creating the future.

If you’re looking to create the best possible future, Y Scouts is the leadership search firm you’ll need as your ally.

Doug Rauch, Founder/President at Daily Table & Former President, Trader Joe’s Company

Why Our Process Works

  • We learn about our clients culture and values, and screen for purpose AND functional expertise
  • We build deep relationships with all stakeholders: the client and the candidate, because we aren’t incented to do anything other than find the best possible outcomes
  • We engage and retain the top talent inside Y Scouts because of our shared core values and commit to our mission
  • We have a systematic approach and adhere to the process consistently, with rigor and attention to detail
  • We are innovative and creative, we recognize that we are cultivating people relationships and acting as an extension of your hard built brand
  • We act deliberately every day, and improve continually on every action - your feedback and input is not just welcome... its invaluable
  • We believe that great search is a team sport - and everyone at Y Scouts is committed to the outcome. 1+1=11
  • We will always work with authenticity and transparency. It is our deepest promise to our clients, candidates and each other
  • We don’t compromise when it comes to finding exceptional leaders, and won’t let you either

Since we first started, Y Scouts has always had one focus - to disrupt the talent acquisition space. We’re driven by the belief that talent is the ultimate competitive advantage. Creating business solutions to help attract and select the best leaders is what we do best. Our clients range from family-owned and multi-generational businesses to Fortune 500 multi-billion dollar organizations. We support candidates and clients at all levels of leadership, across every industry. We take great pride in a core business built around conscious companies, purpose-driven enterprises, and those organizations that are working towards building a better tomorrow for their employees, customers and stakeholders.

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