Jason Gabler

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I’m a firm believer that life becomes most fulfilling when we live it with purpose. While in college, I was one of those students who had interest in a wide variety of studies, changing my major frequently in search of a field I could devote myself to. I studied business management, theatre, physics, exercise science, nutrition, and ultimately got my degree in Health & Human Services. Through my experiences, it became clear to me that I feel most fulfilled when I positively impact people, being a catalyst for them to find passion and purpose in their own lives.

After graduating from college, I spent my first year and a half working for a recruiting agency in New York City. Over time, I began to envision a better life for myself in a new environment, ultimately making the decision to move across the country and begin living my next chapter in Arizona. Following some deep soul-searching and research, I discovered Y Scouts and connected with our founders, Max and Brian. From the get-go, the idea of aligning organizations and leaders around a shared sense of purpose sparked a fire within me to do anything I can to help us achieve our mission.

In early 2016 I joined Y Scouts, and it’s been an incredible journey. I feel such a deep sense of gratitude that I get to be a part of such a dynamic team in a culture that feels very much like that of a family. If I could help people connect with a team that inspires them half as much as mine inspires me, then I’d feel accomplished. Working with organizations that strive to positively impact the world drives me to be the best I can be, facilitating our collective ability to leave the world better than we found it.

More about me:

  • I live with the values of compassion, gratitude, and patience
  • Yoga & meditation help me maintain balance and inner-peace
  • Avid hiker, constantly exploring the beauty of nature
  • Proud papa and best friend to a Shiba Inu named Arya
  • Some of my favorite hobbies include writing, playing guitar, drawing, and cooking