We believe that life is a gift – and that in life, we are meant to discover, develop and share our unique gifts and talents with others in ways that contribute towards a better world for us all.

We believe that “who you are” and “what you do” should not be separate and unintegrated parts of You, but rather one and the same. We believe that those who “do who they are” have discovered their life’s purpose and are walking their path every day. Most of us call this activity – work.

Our purpose is “To Change WHY the World Works”. We help leaders and companies come together to work towards something meaningful, something that we deeply care about, together.

We are executive recruiters, networkers and connectors who support companies and people in creating cultures and communities through a shared sense of purpose and meaning, to come together and work towards something bigger than just a paycheck and a bottom line.

We are committed to working hard – every day – to transform the recruiting industry – to transform Corporate America – to help create a future where people can join an organization, group or cause and fully express and develop their Unique Self.

We are committed to a future where organizations are collectives of inspired and fully engaged people whose contribution creates a tsunami of value and abundance allowing us all to thrive.

We are here to take a stand for the future that you are committed to creating through your life’s work.

Max Hansen, Co-Founder & CEO

Max HansenMax has been lucky enough to spend his entire career focusing on putting people to work. His experiences range from working at a multi-billion dollar staffing company to organically growing Job Brokers from the ground up. Max co-founded Job Brokers in January of 2002 and has grown Job Brokers into a formidable multi-million dollar staffing company.

He has worked nearly every type of position in almost every industry over his career in the recruiting industry. Max has come to realize the most gratifying feeling in the recruiting business is connecting passionate clients and candidates with a purpose. This ultimately led him to understand his “why” of helping other executives discover their why.

A little more about Max:

  • Father to an unbelievable son named Maxwell
  • Enjoys coaching Maxwell’s sports teams
  • Avid golfer (not great, but good enough to consistently beat B. Mohr)
  • Insanely connected in the Valley
  • Great backgammon player
  • Above average wit
  • Vertically challenged

Brian Mohr, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Executive Headhunters Phoenix - Brian MohrGrowing up in small town in Northwest Indiana, my parents gave me the following advice. “Do great in high school so you can go to a good college. Get your degree so you can find a job with a stable company. Work your way up the ranks, and do whatever the company asks of you. Then, when you’re ready to retire you can go do what you love.

…that advice, at the time, sounded logical to me.

For the first 5 years of my professional career, I took their advice. I went into the financial services industry and began building my career. I worked hard, hit my goals, climbed the corporate ladder, earned a very nice compensation, and managed to spend my earnings as fast as I could make it. I had all the material possessions I thought I needed to live a happy life.

…then something horribly magical happened, I got laid off.

At the time, a lay-off seemed like the end of the world, but as I reflected on the situation, I realized I never had a sense of connection to the work I was doing—it was simply a means to an end. Did I want to spend the rest of my career doing work I didn’t feel connect to? Did the money I was making justify the unhappiness I felt?

As you might have guessed, I decided to change careers and do something that provided me with a sense of purpose, something that left me fulfilled at the end of a hard day. I joined a small technology start-up by the name of Jobing.com. For the next 11 years, we grew the company from nothing to more than $38MM in annual revenue and from 5 employees to more than 400. It was my first exposure to the power of Culture, the power of Values, and the power of Purpose. More importantly, it was my first exposure to doing work that truly mattered to me.

…why couldn’t everyone feel this type of alignment and connection?

In early 2012, I teamed up with Max Hansen and Brett Farmiloe to see if we could build a company that would allow anyone to connect, to align, and to build a career based on something other than just money. Y Scouts is a new kind of Executive Search Firm—a Purpose-Based Leadership Search Firm.

With more than 70% of the workforce disengaged in their work, we knew there had to be a better way to help leaders and companies connect in the recruitment process. Bad leadership is the #1 reason for poor engagement, and we believe purpose-driven leadership will reverse that trend. In fact, we’ve witnessed awe-inspiring transformations that prove purpose is not just an ideology, but instead it’s a bottom-line strategy and a competitive advantage.

The highest currency in today’s employment market is meaningful work, not just a paycheck. If that statement doesn’t ring true for you, connect with us.

A little more about me:

  • Jackie’s husband
  • Taylor’s and Riley’s dad
  • Tom and Nancy’s oldest of three boys
  • Passionate music enthusiast
  • Above average Texas Hold ‘Em poker player
  • Deathly afraid of, yet strangely obsessed with sharks

Paul Eisenstein, Leadership Search Consultant

Paul Eisenstein Executive Recruiter Y ScoutsSince college, my goal has always been to “put a dent in the universe”. I’ve been driven to help those who struggle become successful. After having the opportunity to run a youth program through AmeriCorps in San Francisco, I returned to St. Louis where I worked in the nonprofit sector. I spent a few years at Big Brothers Big Sisters, connecting mentors with children who could benefit from a caring friend.

In 2008, I joined The Mission Continues, an innovative start-up with the goal of helping veterans transition home through continued service. The Mission Continues was founded on the premise that our returning veterans should be treated as community assets rather than societal liabilities. Military veterans take so much pride in their military service, but many struggle to find their sense of purpose when they return home. Through my experience at The Mission Continues I came to recognize that building and nurturing a sense of purpose is a critical ingredient for life satisfaction – whether or not we’ve served in the military.

Today, I’m a Leadership Search Consultant at Y Scouts and I help organizations recruit incredible people. I joined Y Scouts in 2012 because I believe that each of us should connect our working lives with where we find meaning and value. I also believe that organizations who hold a higher purpose beyond an immediate monetary ROI are much more successful over the long-term and able to attract the most passionate and talented people.

I also…:

  • am married to the lovely Kim and a proud father to Asher
  • recruit mentors for the Cleantech Open
  • enjoy monsoons but love snowstorms
  • loves to fish but mostly come up empty
  • grew up in Tucson playing in the creek/wash beds
  • am a big-time Cardinals (baseball) fan

Marc Ruter, Leadership Search Consultant

Marc RuterI am a lot like you, and I am here to help you find your Why.

I spent the first 22 years of my career in the mortgage industry, and worked my way up from entry level customer service representative to owning my own company, with stops at different positions along the way. I was successful and could have remained in the mortgage business for the rest of my career.

But there was one problem! I wasn’t happy. Good thing it only took 22 years to do something about it.

Over the last two years, I watched as my friends Brian and Max began a new company with a different goal, a company built to connect great people with purpose-driven companies. I saw their passion and genuine desire to change the way people and companies connect. And I was inspired by what they were doing.

So, after a few months of gentle persuasion, here I am. I am using skills acquired during my career and applying them here, helping great people find great opportunities, and it feels great.

A little more about Marc:

  • Father to Juliana
  • Husband to Helana
  • Marginally proficient skier, golfer and tennis player
  • Love my Dutch heritage
  • Proud Virginia Tech graduate

Brett Farmiloe, Co-Founder & Advisor

Executive Headhunters Phoenix - Brett FarmiloeI’ve always been curious about why people work. When I was a kid my Dad owned and was the CEO of a janitorial supply business. He had about 50 employees. Every time I’d visit him at the office, I’d wonder why all those people spent Monday through Friday selling toilet paper. Perhaps that’s why today I’m so curious about why so many people in the workforce dislike what they do for a living.

This statistic led me to found a career education startup out of college called Pursue the Passion, in which myself and three friends traveled across the country in an RV to find out what makes people passionate about their work. The roadtrip included stops at Nike, Microsoft, the New York Times, Major League Baseball, the U.S. Capital and other places where I explored the distinctions successful people make in their career approach.

Since publishing my book, I’ve shared the Pursue the Passion project’s findings in over 100 keynote speeches from Alaska to Miami Beach. As a founding member and advisor to Y Scouts, I get to continue to explore why people work.

A little more about me:

  • TK’s husband, Braylen’s father
  • Thinks executive headhunters have the unique ability to improve lives
  • Has owned an RV not once, not twice, but three times (and will never again)
  • Visited 46 of the 50 states (Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire and Kansas are next)
  • Executive at a Internet Marketing Company in Phoenix
  • Big fan of Studs Terkel, especially the book Working

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