Dan Zlaket

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After graduating from Arizona State University in 2013, I decided to pursue a career in the big box retail industry. My main motivation for entering this industry was to build a strong foundation of leadership. I gained valuable experience in leading large teams, hiring, talent management, employee development, operations, and customer service. Working with diverse teams inspired me to elevate my career and attend graduate school. I am a proud graduate of Thunderbird School of Global Management. I graduated with my Masters in Global Management in 2016. At Thunderbird, I was provided with several valuable tools such as embracing diversity and inclusion in the workplace. One of my favorite memories from Thunderbird was sitting in a classroom with 50 students and recognizing that more than half of the class represented a different country. I will forever embrace my experience and leverage the tools and lessons I learned there for the rest of my career.

I joined Y Scouts after graduating from Thunderbird because I truly believe in the purpose and values of this organization. I have always been motivated by helping others succeed. I am inspired by helping people, mentoring, constantly improving, and having a positive impact on society and the organization I work with. Every time I meet someone new, I am eager to discover something unique about them. Everyone has a story, and it is my goal to find out what excites and motivates them.

Working with such a unique and driven team at Y Scouts has truly brought out the best in me. I know that what we do here is meaningful, and will make a positive difference. Connecting people to work that matters is in our core. Life is too short to just “settle” or do the “bare minimum to get by.” We will continue to challenge the status quo and provide meaningful experiences for those we have the pleasure to work with.

A little more about Dan:

  • I workout almost every day and love outdoor activities.
  • I am a big fan of Arizona sports.
  • I enjoy traveling and exploring new places.
  • I can learn new languages quickly and speak 3 almost fluently.
  • Nothing excites me more than good food.
  • I enjoy participating in community service events.