March 20, 2013 Yscouts

What Can Y Scouts Help You With This Week?

Y Scouts wants to help you get the most out of being a part of our Talent Community. That’s why we’d like to connect you with professionals in our community who can help you with anything from a lead on a job to an intro to a company.

Here’s how our weekly email works:

1. On Mondays, you receive an email from Y Scouts asking what you need help with. If you need something from the Talent Community, such as a lead on a job or an intro to a company, you can submit your request by replying to our email.

2. On Tuesday, we collate all of your requests and send them out to the Y Scouts Talent Community in a single email. If you feel that you can help with a request, simply reply to our email and we’ll connect you with the requestor.

If you don’t want to participate for any reason, there’s an “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of your email. Otherwise, it should be fun and hopefully very useful for everyone. Sign up using the form below.

What do you need this week? Here’s some example requests.

“I’m looking for _________________.”
“I’m on a mission to ______________.”
“I’m offering ___________________.”
“I’m looking to hire ______________.”
“I’m looking to meet ______________.”
“I’m wanting advice on ____________.”
“I’m offering advice on _____________.”

Simple enough? Sign up!

Y Scouts is a purpose based executive search firm that helps companies recruit leadership talent. Whether you’re looking for meaningful work or looking to attract talent, we can help. To get started, share your why with us. Click here if you’re an employer. Click here if you want to make a difference in a new role.

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