Christie McPherson

Christie McPherson

Leadership Search Director

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Growing up in the Midwest I was raised with strong values and work ethic. My parents both instilled in me the desire to be “just a little bit better” each day of my life and that flows both in my personal and professional life. What I didn’t learn was the reality that not every single day was going to thrill me (the natural adventure-seeker). From early in my career in Recruiting, I found I wanted that moment of “today I made a difference” each and every day. But like many people in their jobs (I hate that word FYI) I was missing that. A decade or so into my career, Y Scouts called and I felt like my purpose matched every single thing they said. It matched so well that I was willing to move 1500 miles to join the team. Adventure-seeker thrill confirmed, right?

Recruiting can’t be just skillset focused. Recruiting is matching humans with a well-aligned purpose of a mission driven organization. Our industry historically has relied on a “box-checking” mentality that if Ms. Candidate has X, Y, and Z, they’ll be able to do the job. Never has our industry focused on what Ms. Candidate loves and feels connected to in life – that is until Y Scouts blazed the trail. Skillset and functional expertise will always matter in Recruiting – I can’t perform brain surgery (nor would you want me to) but I can tell you my values and what I feel most connected to and passionate about in my life. We have to shift the mentality that resumes and skillsets are the best and only method to a successful leader. If we keep doing what we’ve always done, we’ll have what we’ve always had.

So the adventure continues – Y Scouts has encouraged extraordinary leaders to reveal their values, purpose, mission and dreams to us so that we can find a person who harmonizes with your organization. Like the church choir I grew up listening to, the perfect match of voices creates the most beautiful piece of music. One voice standing out as off-key, however, ruins the song. Matching the perfect mix of those voices is and should not be a mystery. Let us help create beautiful harmony by aligning the right dynamic and influential leader with your organization. Adventure is really out there and it’s not impossible to find.

A little more about Christie:
• Mom to the future soccer & football champion Liam
• The baby of the family and preacher’s kid
• Highly talented car karaoke performer
• Laughing is my favorite
• Unhealthy addiction to NFL football, candy, and coffee