We founded Y Scouts with a simple idea: to transform how leaders and companies connect to work that matters.

In that time, we’ve moved the conversation around purpose and its importance in leadership and recruiting to the forefront in the boardrooms of some of the most respected companies and nonprofits across the country.

How we deliver is simple–and totally unique–in the search industry: we connect the most purpose-aligned, proven leaders to growing organizations with missions and cultures that matter.

Y Scouts is the leading executive search and strategy company that purpose-based organizations turn to for finding and hiring deeply aligned, high-performing, exceptional leaders that multiply their teams.

Our team has years of deep experience in recruiting and leadership development.

We believe that the most transformational, impact-oriented leaders are found through a shared purpose with the hiring organization. Period.







Leaders with purpose outperform those simply chasing status and dollars. To find these exceptional leaders you don’t follow the status quo–you must zig while others zag.






Authenticity: Costumes are for Halloween

Relentless Learner: Learning Crushes Knowing

Teamwork: 1+1 = 11

Perseverance: Finish What You Start

Gratitude: Be Grateful

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Being different, on purpose matters in a world of conformity.

Most fast-growing companies aim to do more than simply increase revenue year after year. Our clients do this through profit or non-profit.

At their core, they aspire to achieve purposeful missions and to enrich stakeholders lives.

Led by ambitious, entrepreneurial founders and management teams who break the rules, they are fast, agile and adaptable. These organizational cultures thrive on helping their customers succeed.

They look for proven, purpose-driven leaders who pave a different path to growth and career success—one that rejects the top two typical motivations, status and executive salary—in favor of work that matters.

They reject status quo. They push boundaries. They hate complexity. They like to win.

They are leaders, not executives.

We are the ones who can find them for you. 

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From full search to project consulting and custom solutions, we deliver the goods.
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